Lethal Operation Rugitta is a sequel game to Lethal Application and a sister game to Lethal Operation Rei. The game was released at Comiket 87 with Lethal Operation Rei eventually getting released at Comiket 89.

Gameplay Edit

Unlike Application, Crisis and ProtoSphere before it, Lethal Operation plays very similar to a traditional shoot 'em up type of game with major gameplay elements found usually in RPGs. While Rugitta is the main protagonist of the game, you can get other characters to play as either by fulfilling specific tasks or progressing through the story.

Most of the characters in the game can equip a variety of different shot types ranging from Wide, Snipe and Charge. Characters can also equip skills that can drastically improve stats growths on level up while diminishing other stat growths. A character can level up to level 50 which after that they cannot be re-levelled or altered stat wise.

Sphere Tyrunts make a return from Lethal Crisis ProtoSphere though instead of being a usable item, they're now equipable to characters. They still function identical to how they were in ProtoSphere meaning you will need to destroy a certain amount of enemies before using them and characters having different user effects.

Story Edit

The game takes place 10 years after the Ground-Sky War and the world has split up into four different factions being Northside, Southside, Eastside and Westside. The story starts with Rugitta repairing a broken down war bot mostly to see if she actually could repair it. Though eventually being chased down she brings the war bot to Doctor Doal. Shortly after Rugitta decides that she is going to run away from home to see the world and do whatever she can to repair it.

The run away is short lived as an attack of Doal's laboratory prompts Rugitta to turn back to see of Doal fine which she is found safe thanks to the war bot Rugitta repaired, protected her and diverted the attackers away from her lab which Rugitta eventually catches up with Rei to drive off the remaining attackers.

After splitting up with Rei, Rugitta decides it's best to check on any surrounding Oju tree, tree's that are designed to power and maintain the respective four factions of the world. The first she checks on being within Westside.

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