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This wiki is dedicated to the games by the Japanese independent 2D action game developer Daisessen.

Games Edit

List of games by Daisessen.

Lethal Application Edit

The first game in the Lethal series. A 2D shooting/run n' gun game.

Lethal Crisis Edit

The second game in the Lethal series. A 2D platformer/run n' gun game.

Suika VS Mechasuika (スイカ VS メカスイカ) Edit

Touhou fangame.

Lethal Crisis Proto Sphere Edit

The third game in the Lethal series and a spinoff to Lethal Crisis. A 2D platformer/action game with procedurally generated levels.

Lethal Operation Rugitta Edit

The fourth game in the Lethal series. An RPG Shoot 'Em Up hybrid.

Lethal Operation Rei Edit

The fifth game in the Lethal series. An RPG Shoot 'Em Up hybrid

Tower Offense! Edit

A game that's connected to the Lethal series despite not sharing the same name.







むかしむかしあるところに とてつもなく仲の悪い ツインテールの姉妹姫様が いらっしゃいましたとさ

Miscellaneous Edit

All images on this wiki originate from game screencaps or the official websites and are the property of Daisessen.

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